The Blue Lagoon

photo by Anne Pflug
Entrance to the caves in the Blue Lagoon

Have you ever seen a more beautiful blue?  You should see it in person; it took my breath away!  The well named area is a popular tourist attraction although, it seems to me, that more divers seem to favor the Blue Grotto, on the other side of Malta for underwater beauty.   As I’m not a diver, I can’t compare.

All I can say is that moving through the caves with these fluorescent waters is an experience unlike no other.  There seems   to be another   source of light that we are not familiar with. Forgive me for being so excited but this is one of the places that I would visit again and again if I had the opportunity.  It impressed me that much!

This blog enhances the book Return to Malta by visiting most of the places mentioned in the book with color photos.