A Rocky Coast

photo by Anne Pflug
Malta’s western coast is very rocky

Traveling on the west coast of Malta is a complete change of vistas.  First of all, it is not well populated. Second, it is extremely rocky; possibly  why it is not too crowded.

Driving on the few roads on this side of the island takes one to exotic views of ancient rock formations.  This side of the island is also where the Blue Grotto is located. The few roads here are also very hilly and one needs a good map to find specific places as there are not too many signs.

However, it is definitely worth visiting here.  It is truly beautiful!

This blog annevisitsmalta.com enhances the book Return to Malta by visiting most of the places mentioned in the book with color photos.







A ride in “old Malta”

photographer unknown
an old photograph – riding a donkey in the Maltese countryside

Here I am, as a child, over 60 years ago.  We enjoyed these rides taken to visit relatives far from the cities.

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