On to Gozo

photo by Anne Pflug
The Citadel being updated

Gozo is a smaller island than Malta.  It is considered a more relaxing place to go if you want to simply get away from it all. It is greener and more rural. One of the high points in a visit to Gozo, and my main interest, was The Citadel.  Also known as the Castello, in Victoria, it has been  inhabited since the Bronze Age.

The area on which the Citadel rests was originally believed to have been the acropolis of the Punic-Roman city of Gaulos. I’ve also read somewhere that it also was once a pagan temple to one of the Greek gods.  A lot of history in this place. And, as happens with most of these ancient structures, it is now being refurbished, possibly to make it more tourist friendly.

We met a lot of tourists who could not make the climb in the hot weather we had that summer.

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