The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!  These blogs are meant to accompany my recently published travelogue and memoir,  Return to Malta

Either way, feel free to enjoy these beautiful photographs of the island of Malta, land of my birth.

wateering hole 3

Hello, I’m Anne and I’m very excited to be taking you on this journey with me. I was born in Malta, presently live in Florida and I try to visit every few years. I still have family in Malta.
Malta has changed immensely since the time I left when I was ten years old.

It has become a major tourist spot both to Europeans, who visit Malta to enjoy the warmth and the sun and to cruisers from America who see it as a new spot to visit when doing Europe. Cruise ships now stop at Malta regularly.

Once it was “Malta, where’s that?”  Now it’s “I’ve been to Malta on my last cruise”.  Quite a change.

I hope you enjoy these photos and the comments accompanying them as I tour Malta with you.

The photo above is of my favorite swimming hole on the western coast of Malta.


If you enjoyed this, much more information is available in my book:   Return to Malta  available through