World War II Shelter

On my latest visit to Malta, I had the opportunity to explore, once again, the shelters where we survived World War II.  Our shelter was just across from our house, in Tarxien, and, as soon a we heard the air raid sirens, meaning bombs were on their way, we would rush out and go down into the shelter.  We were lucky, we had a private area in which to spend our time.  In fact, that room was where my sister Mary was born, amid bombs coming down as they did daily for two years. Thankfully, the shelters saved our lives as they were hewn out of rock and pretty safe to survive in. It was a  long time ago but I still remember that time clearly.

This blog enhances my book Return to Malta by visiting most of the places mentioned in the book with color photos. The book is available through Amazon and other book stores.

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