An American cruise ship entering Valletta

photo by Anne Pflug
The Maltese flag on an American cruise ship

It’s always so exciting to see the nautical Maltese flag on a cruise I’m taking, even ones not  to Malta.  Although the official Maltese flag is white and red with the George Cross insignia, seafaring vessels sport a different version.  This flag, red with a white border and the Maltese cross in the center, is one you’d find on any seafaring vessel registered in Malta.

Not sure about others but I do know that Celebrity Cruises registers its cruise ships in Malta and I always look for that beautiful flag.  It’s usually flying on the same deck where we breakfast.  To me, it’s a beautiful sight!!

This blog enhances my book Return to Malta by visiting most of the places mentioned in the book with color photos. The book is available through Amazon and other book stores.

Finally, my book!

 I would like to announce the recent publication of my book, Return to Melita, a travelogue and a memoir.

This book is a compilation of several trips I have made to Malta, the land of my birth.  I usually went there with friends and/or relatives and visited many tourist attractions and places of interest.  I tried to include comments made by new visitors as well as my recollections from the past, when I lived there.

Return to Melita is available in the Kindle version as well as hard book copy and can be purchased at most book stores as well as at

You will note that I changed the title to Return to Malta.  I did this to make access to the book  easier on Amazon.  Melita was the original name of the islands, given by the Romans, many years ago.

This blog, enhances the book by visiting most of the places mentioned in the book with color photos.

Hope you enjoy both!

Plenty of Sailboats

A Marina near Valletta with a dajhsa on the lower left.

It is obvious that there are many “sailors” in Malta. In this Marina, close to Valletta, one can see a variety of sailing vessels and yachts from a variety of countries, in the Mediterranean and beyond. Interesting to note, the dajhsa, a Maltese boat used by ancient fisherman and still in use today, is a sharp contrast to the sailboats, with all their  amenities, that sail the same waters. The dajhsa is the typical Maltese boat with “eyes” painted on the prow for “protection” and is seen throughout the island.

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Valletta Harbor Cruise

photo by Anne Pflug
On the Grand Harbor Cruise.

In Malta, on a beautiful, sunny day, a Harbor Cruise fits the bill. The sea breezes kept us cool while we explored Valletta and the Three Cities from the water.  On the left, you can see a cruise ship, dropping off tourists for a day exploring Malta. On the upper right is a good view of Upper Baracca. As always, the strong walls protecting the city are in full view.

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Valletta’s New Entrance

photo by Anne Pflug
Under construction, the new entrance to Valletta, Malta

I was not thrilled when I heard that the beautiful bastions surrounding Valletta were being demolished to make room for a new, modern entrance to the capital.  I felt that history was being changed for the sake of modernity. As one can see, the architecture for this new gate is modern, streamlined and nothing like the original.  I still prefer history to change  in Malta. To me, it doesn’t seem to fit with Valletta’s architecture.


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Fountain and Bus Terminal outside Valletta

photo by Anne Pflug
This beautiful fountain welcomes visitors to Valletta.
photo by Anne Pflug
The Bus Terminal outside of Valletta.

Just before you enter Valletta, the capital of Malta, you can see this beautiful fountain.  It is quite large, as compared to the visitors below. This fountain also enhances the Bus Terminal which is located surrounding it. To the left of the Terminal, one can see the Cathedral of Floriana; to the right, the long standing Phoenicia Hotel.


If you enjoyed this, much more information is available in my   book:   Return to Malta   available from