The Seven Story Street

photo by Anne Pflug
Amazing, this street goes down seven stories.

Malta, the country where I was born, tends to be very hilly in some places. Case in point.  The last time I was there, I spent time in a hotel  in Mellieha. The Preluna Hotel and Spa occupied seven stories and all of them went out to the street. The street itself is made up of steps, seven stories worth and all the  floors had an exit to the street. It had swimming pools on three levels, all street-side. At first it was very confusing and hard to imagine. Once we got used to it, it had advantages.  No matter what floor you were on, you can walk out to the street on that level.  This is not the only hilly street in Malta; the capital city, Valletta, a;so has its share.  Walking around town becomes an exhausting experience.

This blog enhances the book Return to Malta by visiting most of the places mentioned in the book with color photos.