Streets in Valletta

photo by Anne Pflug
A typical street in Valletta

There are three qualities to the streets in Valletta.  They are narrow.  They are extremely hilly and they are surrounded by balconies. Notice that the balconies come in several styles. The closed ones are usually wood, painted in a variety of colors.  the open one are metal and they display a variety of designs. The two balconies seen on the left are excellent examples of this variety. One is curved with a very delicate and lacy design; the other is angular and somewhat geometric.  Traveling around Malta would give one many examples of these two styles. One thing they have in common; they are all beautiful!

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Time flies; Not much changes

around 1947, my sister, Mary, my nana and I on our roof
Myself, on one of my trips, on my roof

These two photos are taken 69 years apart. Both were taken on the roof of my house, when I lived in Malta. The first has myself, my sister and my nana and was taken in 1947; the other, is of myself and was taken in  2016.  About the only change is me, quite a bit older.  Houses in Malta seem to go on forever.  Not much changes!

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