The Miracle in Mosta

The Unexploded Bomb

This bomb landed in the center of an already famous  church in Malta during World War II. The Maltese people are sure that it was a miracle considering the many bombs that fell during the war and all of them exploded,  creating great damage to this little island. The blog titled “The Church Ceiling in Mosta” shows exactly, in the ceiling,  where the bomb entered the church.

Miracle or not, it was an amazing occurrence, one that was not repeated again.

This blog enhances my book Return to Malta by visiting most of the places mentioned in the book with color photos. The book is available through Amazon and other book stores.

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Author: Anne Pflug

I presently live in Venice Florida but was born on the island of Malta. I have relatives there and visit quite often. I am in the process of writing a travelogue and memoir about my visits and memories of Malta. I would like to use my blog to show the many photos I have taken and the beautiful sights that I have seen in Malta.

2 thoughts on “The Miracle in Mosta”

  1. Hi Anne,
    I enjoyed your pictures. About that bomb that didn’t explode.
    It was no miracle because those bombs have to be charged before dropped on target.
    The pilot forgot to do it.


    1. Thanks for the info. I believe I said that the Maltese people thought it was a miracle. My mother always thought everything good was a miracle and everything bad was caused by the devil. What can I say? I mean someone caused the pilot to forget??


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