Another Parade, again…

photo by Anne Pflug
The parade has started
photo by Anne Pflug
It’s nice to see horses in parades

Malta is a country with many  churches and, of course, each church has a patron saint.  As a result, every week at least one church celebrates the feast of its patron saint.  Here we are in St. Julian’s, celebrating the feast of St. Julian.  This is a great opportunity for tourists to see  many colorful costumes, hear wonderful bands and learn something about the history and costumes of ancient Malta.  Most weeks, Malta  celebrates more than one patron saint so that tourists have many options to travel, not too far, to these “Festas”.  Restaurants and bars on the main streets  set up outside tables for watching the activities while enjoying their food and drink.

This blog enhances the book Return to Malta by visiting most of the places mentioned in the book with color photos.


Author: Anne Pflug

I presently live in Venice Florida but was born on the island of Malta. I have relatives there and visit quite often. I am in the process of writing a travelogue and memoir about my visits and memories of Malta. I would like to use my blog to show the many photos I have taken and the beautiful sights that I have seen in Malta.

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